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Nuit Blanche 2022

Both Here and Somewhere Else
October 1, 7pm to 7am

Nuit Blanche 2022

Both Here and Somewhere Else

"Both Here and Somewhere Else" was first conceived as a way to bring social media interactions into physical social spaces, like cafes and bars. Thanks to this networked form of communication, the promise of a better conversation than the one right in front of you is ever-present. In response, the artist created six connected lamps (composed of a microphone, speaker, and LEDs) spread across a venue’s tables, allowing guests to broadcast inanity into the network, or listen in to other conversations. However, those listening will have their lamp illuminated, signaling to the room that they are lurking. And those publishing will have their lamps dimmed, offering a comforting sense of anonymity while being able to see their illuminated audience. Despite the appearance of followers, there is no guarantee that their attention is anything more than fleeting because for this network to survive everyone can't be broadcasting into a void, and more importantly, everyone can't be without new content for the briefest moment. To ensure participation, the network re-balances itself regularly by turning broadcasters into listeners, and listeners into broadcasters. As the lights in the room rise and fall, everyone becomes aware that they are always both here and somewhere else.

Marc De Pape would like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for their support in the development of this project, and thank Lawrence Kwok, Adam Carlucci and Nolan Herbut for their help.

The Chime

The Chime at Nuit Blanche 2013

The Chime at Inter/Access 2015

The Chime performs “I Can’t Tell If You’re Coming Or Going” in the middle of Grange Park in the Evening in Fm

The Chime performs “I Can’t Tell If You’re Coming Or Going” in the middle of Grange Park in the Evening in Fm

Marc De Pape

Marc De Pape is interested in the creation of tools for novel expression. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Computation Arts from Concordia University and a Master’s of Design in Digital Futures from OCADU (for which he won the Governor General’s Award). His thesis, The Chime, participated in Nuit Blanche in 2013.

Over his career, he's developed a specialization in innovation and new product development, with experience working in services (Connected, ThoughtWorks) and in-house (ecobee). As VP of Venture Strategy at Highline Beta, he leads multi-disciplinary teams of designers, engineers, product managers, strategists and researchers, creating confidence in spaces of uncertainty through the act of making.

As one of many co-founders of Civic-Tech Toronto, a former Inter/Access board member, past OCADU sessional faculty, sometimes artist, and other times musician, he has dedicated himself to exploring the creative spaces where people and technology meet.

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